Mediation is a process that involves participation of the parties. The process of separating a partnership with another person is filled with financial considerations, property distributions, child related logistics and a full spectrum of emotions. Mediation offers an arena for the parties maintain control over the outcome of their divorce. Through mediation the parties are able to work out creative solutions to what is often a complicated set of problems. Often the courts are not able to address the unique and complicated issues with as much flexibility as the parties can.

Karen Davis is a trained neutral and impartial mediator. She will help you navigate through the process of family law issues and work toward resolution involving divorce, child custody, property division, alimony and modification of existing court orders.

Benefits of Mediation:
  • Parties tend to adhere to their agreements because they are solutions created by the parties rather than forced on them through a court order
  • Helps the parties maintain a working relationship with each other post-divorce
  • Often minimizes future conflicts and litigation
  • Provides flexibility in resolving conflict
  • Insulates children from the conflict associated with litigation
  • Cost of mediation is less than litigation and the parties can share the expenses of hiring any needed professionals

Pros of Mediation:
  • Maintain control of the outcome
  • The parties control the timeline of the process
  • The parties are able to solve their disputes privately
  • Money is spent on working toward a resolution rather than wasted court time
  • Resolutions can be creative and tailor made to the parties needs

Cons of Mediation:
  • The parties have to voluntarily participate in the process
  • Some cases are not appropriate for mediation
  • If mediation fails, the parties may still have to go to Court
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